Sunday, July 26, 2009

Budget Green: Wild Purple Thistle

Well this is about as budget as you can get! At least it is if you live a little ways out of town.

I have purple thistle growing all over our two acres. Free!

Watch this video for all the tasty details.

Welcome to My Collection of Rainbow Recipes

This blog will start with recipes I have found on other sites or created for Phase 1 of the Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine diet.

I highly encourage purchasing a wide range of raw food cookbooks to keep you inspired and help you find the recipes that work best for you.

For my purposes, I am initially seeking recipes that fit the phases of Gabriel Cousen's diet because I really know that most of us need to stop the internal composting of our bodies! I am also seeking simple and relatively inexpensive recipes to use for the RG diet.

Please share any Phase 1 favorites in the comments! Thanks for visiting.