Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easier Blending with Blendtec's 4-inch Blade, Big Motor and 3 Qt. Jug

In helping a friend choose a blender for green smoothies and blended salads, I felt I should check out what Blendtec has. I knew VitaMix had come out with a 3-peak horse power model. I figured Matt and Angela Monarch would know the scoop.

Does it annoy you when so much smoothie goodness gets stuck down by the blade? I know I do. My daughter and I joked once that if we ever open a raw-food cafe, we might name it "Squeegee's" for my constant companion: the spatula we use to scrap out the goodness from the blender.

In this video review, Matt and Angela show comparison's between the Blendtec and the Vitamix and also between the Blendtec with the 3-inch blade and the Blendec with the 4-inch blade and the wider base on the carafe. What a difference! Stuff just pours out of the wider one!

Along with the longer blade and higher speeds, Blendtec has released a 3 quart (96 ounces!) carafe! Great for family blending!

To see the details page for this blender, click here: Blendtec Blenders. The blender also comes in white and red, which you will find on the site when you get there.

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